Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soccer Season

I finally got my act together and signed London up for soccer. And it just so happened that they had added a new division for 3-year-olds. Brandt begged, and I couldn't resist. So here they are on their first game day:

They couldn't have been more proud. Brandt's "game" was first. He's the biggest of the bunch.

He was especially proud that Daddy let him use his water bottle.

London's game was next. Here comes the pack! Unfortunately, it was only 4 on 4 so he didn't experience the thrill of being run over by a mob of 20 like his mom did at her first game. But he did manage to score a goal, so I guess he had a good time anyway.

Just look at him go.

His daddy was so thrilled that London scored. He jumped up, punched his fist in the air and shouted, "That's worth a shake!"

So of course we had to go out for ice cream afterwards.

London enjoyed his plain vanilla. But Brandt. He knows how to truly appreciate good ice cream.

We had a great day, and it brought back a lot of good memories of game day when I was a kid. Definitely worth the effort.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Late Pictures from the Waterpark

In July, Rick had a day off, so we headed to the Water Mine. London kept calling it "The place with the guy from Toy Story." We couldn't figure it out until we got there:

Yup, Stinky Pete. Turns out his name really is Pete. They had attractions like "Pete's Mine."

The boys loved the slides.

Even my biggest boy. Just look at the concentration.

London loved swimming and going under the water.

And Brandt loved the lazy river. Though the tubes were almost too big for him.

They had a zero entry that Khyah splashed around in. But boy, we'll have to talk to her about that swimsuit.

Rick loved playing with kids, as did I.

Then after a quick picnic . . .

. . . we went for a ferry ride.

And topped it off with a carousel ride.

It was a great day, but alas. Time to go home.

Even though they were exhausted, no one wanted to go home. The boys are already asking when we can go back.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garbage Woes

Khyah has discovered the joys of the garbage can. She knows how to lift the lid, and I have discovered her pulling the contents out on numerous occasions. Apparently, this past week, she caught on that garbage cans are for putting things into, not taking things out.

But I didn't connect this to the missing DVD player remote and then the missing car keys until Rick said something. The good news is that we saved the keys. The bad news is that we now need a new remote. sigh

So this is Ms. Stinker Pants looking remorseful for throwing away the remote. (Okay, not really, but it's still a cute picture.)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Lost and a Little Peeved

I know, I know. I've been long lost for a while now. There was the month vacation to Utah, and then I even sat down to write up a blog the night I got back.

That's when I managed to delete all my pictures. Please don't scold. I feel pretty stupid about it. Never again will I mock that second "Are you sure?" box that pops up when you try to delete something.

So here's what I was going to share that night ($40 later, I managed to salvage some pictures):

Yes, that is an electrical outlet right next to a baby changing station in the Minneapolis airport. And yes, my child tried to electrocute herself. Turn her around you say? Well if they hadn't put the paper towel dispenser right there on the wall (which is just out of the picture), not to mention the wall . . .

Seriously. Did no one stop to think about it?