Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We're Alive!

Realizing I've been slacking in my duty by up-dating THIS blog, and waiting anxiously for my cute husband to get home through the terrible traffic in this snow storm (that would be 5 hours on the road now and counting . . . last we spoke he was almost halfway home), I thought I would take advantage of our new laptop (yup, Rick couldn't stand it anymore), and update ya'll on our little lives.

I apologize in advance . . . all our pictures are on the other computer, so this will be pictureless, but you get to read about US! So of course you're all happy. Right?

So first, if you did not see my latest post on the other blog, it was funny, so you should go take a look, just click here.

And second, I will give you one story about each of us:

Brandt story: I made pancakes and sausage for dinner tonight. When Brandt finished eating, he held out his plate and said, "You know, we usually eat eggs with our pancakes, Mommy."

It's a good thing I have Brandt to keep me clear on these things. And yes, I made him an egg. :)

London Story: We have spent the past month or so trying to figure out the cause of London's chronic sinusitus. We have visited all kinds of doctors and labs for him to get poked and prodded and have a CT scan done. He has been very brave (with our clever use of bribery) as he's given samples of blood, gotten extra vaccinations, held perfectly still in a big machine for the scan, and endured the 30 pokes on his back for the allergy test.

So, the results: He's mildly allergic to Bermuda grass. His immune system is in good shape. But apparently his sinus passages are rather narrow. Surgery is an option (though London gave his vote for 'no'), but we still hope to have Rick talk to the surgeon before we make any decisions.

Khyah Story: The other day, Brandt and London we having a light-saber battle. Khyah made her displeasure known at not being included. London is a sucker for Khyah-demands, and promptly gave her one of his.

Next thing I know, she's battling away, making the sound-effects and everything! She even used the force to throw London across the room (hand movements just like in the movie). Both London and Khyah thought it was great fun. But I'm wondering if maybe we watch too much Star Wars in our house. ;)

Rick Story: He might not be happy with me sharing this, but he has an interview in Iowa he's drooling over. They have a doctor who specialize in coagulopathies (a rare find) which is just what he hopes to focus on. Plus we could live a mere two miles from his work in a large house for less than we're paying now (he's been researching). Oh yeah, he's drooling.

Me Story: I went to the dentist today, and had no cavities. ;)

Okay, I can do better than that . . . maybe . . . ummm, okay. As I headed out to the dentist, I went out early to clean off the car (it had snowed then rained). The ground was a little slick, but mostly just slushy. So I got the car clean, and had the engine running to warm it up, but when I went to go back inside, the door was locked. And being the lazy person that I am, I didn't want to go back to the car to get the keys, so I pounded on the door. Unfortunately, the boys were in the basement. And I have to give her kudos, Khyah tried to open the door, but mostly she just pounded back at me.

Realizing the futility of it all, I rushed back to the van. Leap, bound, quick and smooth, until it wasn't. Swoosh! My feet were in the air, and my bum was in a pile of slushy mud. Yeah, I had to change.

No worries, my body was perfectly fine. Only my pride was wounded. I'm just still hoping no one saw it. But the kicker was that when I unlocked the door, the boys were standing right there waiting for me.

Thirty seconds! Could they not have come up thirty seconds sooner?

And these are our stories. The End.