Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dr. Batman Socks Dances with Mary Poppins

Before Khyah was born, we found cute little baby scrubs and couldn't resist. Now, almost 2 years later, she is finally big enough to wear them. So I present to you Dr. Baby-Girl:

She was quite thrilled to put them on and knew she was dressed just like Daddy.

Then Brandt got some really cool Batman slippers for Easter. I happen to know that the Easter Bunny went all the way to France to get them. Anyway, he was quite happy to model them for you all to see:

Talk about stylin'!

Bored waiting for Mama to finish dinner, the kiddos turned on the demo setting of the piano and started dancing away. You should have heard the howls of laughter coming from the living room! I think Khyah was loudest of all. I couldn't resist sneaking in to get a photo or two:

And finally, I watched Mary Poppins with London boy today and he surprised me with his own inspired drawing afterward.

You might recognize the scene where Bert becomes a sidewalk chalk artist. :) The picture on the left is the one of the circus tent. The picture on the right is the one Mary Poppins et al jumped in. There's a bridge, and London tells me that if you follow the path across the bridge to the left, you will find the country fair.