Friday, April 29, 2011

I Like Peas, Now!

Tonight's dinner menu included peas. And despite our fervent assurances that Brandt did indeed like them, he refused to take a bite.

Us: Just take one bite. You LIKE them!
Brandt [frowning and arms folded]: I don't like peas!

We told him that he wouldn't get any popcorn for movie night tonight. He still refused. We told him he'd have to go straight to bed and miss the movie altogether. He said, "My lips are shut tight."

We set the timer. He held firm until he only had two minutes left then finally allowed me to slip half a bite into his mouth.

He chewed, angry face in tact.

He chewed some more and his face softened.

He swallowed and scrunched up his face at me: "Did that bite have peas in it?"

"It most certainly did," I told him.

Suddenly he was all smiles. "Oh. I like peas, now!"

And he gobbled up his entire plateful.

Indeed, Brandt will be watching the movie tonight. ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trip to France, Part 1: FOOD

This will be short, but orders are orders (you know who you are). ;)

Lest any of you get the wrong idea about my reasons for loving France, I have chosen to post on the food first. I love, love, love their food! I love their crepes . . .

I love their croque madames and their fries . . . (and I love that they keep ketchup on hand for us American tourists)

I love their gloriously rich (in all senses of the word) chocolat chaud . . .

I love their steak-frites . . .

But most of all, I love their pastries. And I apologize that there are no pictures. They were simply so good that I ate them up before any pictures could be taken!

(I mean, who can think of taking pictures when a mouth-watering tartlette aux fraises is staring you in the face . . . or a mille feuille . . . or a religieuse . . . or some profiteroles . . . or de la glace . . . or a pain au chocolat . . .?)