Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fourth of July Fun

 Since my parents were out visiting us on the 4th of July, I convinced my mom to do a run with me. Alas, I don't yet have a picture with both of us, but we had a great time together. We got up WAY too early to make the 40 minute drive to Cameron, Missouri to check in at 6:30.

I did the 4-mile run and my mom did the 2-mile walk. Her goal was to not be the last one in, and my goal was to run faster than an average pace of 9-minute miles (so a time of 36 minutes or better).

My mom was FAR from being the last one in. And despite the mistake of drinking a 64-oz soda the day before (for anyone planning to run in a race . . . , just sayin', that's a bad idea), I managed to run it in 35 minutes and 2 seconds. I even got 2nd place in my age group (2/5), so I got a nifty medal to take home.

After our race, they held a kids fun run. At first, none of the kids wanted to do it. But when they learned that all finishers got a popsicle AND a bag of treats, well, they changed their minds. Brandt didn't quite have the idea of a race down. They said "GO!" and he just stood there.

We all shooed him forward, and he finally took off running. Rick cheered him on the whole way, but apparently Brandt couldn't hear what he was saying so he stopped and turned around. "What?!"

When we all shouted "Run, Brandt, run!" he got the idea and started again. Despite his stops and starts, he managed to pick up the pace and actually WON the thing. Yup, 1st place. Crazy kid.

Khyah wasn't really tempted by the popsicle, and she was going to sit it out on the playground with grandpa until she found out she got to wear a number just like mommy if she ran. She was still quite hesitant, so I had to run the whole thing with her. But she finished it and was more than content to get blue splots all over her white shirt with her popsicle.

London was in the upper age range, so he ran in the second race about the twice the distance. He ran hard and came in 2nd! The kid who won was older, so he felt pretty good about that. We were really proud of him!

After lounging around the park for a bit, we headed to Wendy's to get the free Frosties with the coupon that came in their bag of treats, then drove the 40 minutes back home. It wasn't our traditional 4th of July big breakfast, but it was so much fun. I especially appreciated doing it with my mom, and having Rick, the kids, and my dad there to cheer us on. Hopefully we'll do another one together next time we meet up.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oklahoma Joe's 2012

One of the first things we did when we got back to Kansas City was visit our favorite BBQ place: Oklahoma Joe's. We got to go with the Swing Grandma and Grandpa who were out helping us unpack.

The kids all wanted Ribs. :)

Brandt needed Grandpa's help to get all the meat off those bones.

Eeep. Khyah in a white shirt and everything.

London had no problem cleaning those bones off! No wasted anything there.

I got the pulled pork (despite how it looks . . . I was only CUTTING the ribs for the kids. Really.). And see those people standing behind the brown wall? That is the line which went out the door. The ordering counter is actually in front of me and to my right. Yup. Long line.

And Rick, the man with the new toy, was our cameraman, so his order is not pictured. But for posterity's sake, he got the Smokie Joe Sandwich. And he may have sampled the ribs. ;)

Glad to be back in KC just for the BBQ! :)