Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oklahoma Joe's 2012

One of the first things we did when we got back to Kansas City was visit our favorite BBQ place: Oklahoma Joe's. We got to go with the Swing Grandma and Grandpa who were out helping us unpack.

The kids all wanted Ribs. :)

Brandt needed Grandpa's help to get all the meat off those bones.

Eeep. Khyah in a white shirt and everything.

London had no problem cleaning those bones off! No wasted anything there.

I got the pulled pork (despite how it looks . . . I was only CUTTING the ribs for the kids. Really.). And see those people standing behind the brown wall? That is the line which went out the door. The ordering counter is actually in front of me and to my right. Yup. Long line.

And Rick, the man with the new toy, was our cameraman, so his order is not pictured. But for posterity's sake, he got the Smokie Joe Sandwich. And he may have sampled the ribs. ;)

Glad to be back in KC just for the BBQ! :)


  1. you're here!!??

    I do love BBQ...but I need details!! :)

    Where are you at? and when can we meet up!?

    Hope the move was kind.

  2. No fair. I want Okie Joe's. Save some for me.

  3. Janet!
    Are you living in Kansas City?! That is great! I live in Tulsa, OK so just south about 3-4 hours. Are you there for good?


  4. Kristen, yes! We are here for 3 years for a fellowship, then after that we'll get a job who knows where. Rick's brother and his family are in Tulsa, so I'm sure we'll be down that way. I need to get your contact info so maybe we can connect one of the times we're there. :D It's be great to catch up! So are you there for good?