Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family Pictures 2011

While we were in Utah over Thanksgiving, my sister kindly took some family pictures for us. Not an easy task with 3 grumpy kids and 2 grumpy adults (from dealing with 3 grumpy kids), but she put up with us and even managed to catch a few good moments (and there weren't many!).

First, please note that these pictures aren't edited. This is not a photography site and if I wait for that, they will never get posted. Ever. So here we go.

How she managed to catch us all smiling, I'll never know.

I couldn't choose just one of Khyah. Her cuteness just has to be shared.

Brandt, Mr. GQ himself. Thank goodness we got one last picture before he decided to chop his hair!

London had school pictures done, but I liked the tie theme, so he had to endure a few shots, too. He was not happy. Man, if you could see all the moments around the pictures. These things are deceiving!

And finally the two of us. I made Becca take about a million pictures before I was satisfied. Good thing she loves me. :)

So voila! There's a family.

Thanks, Becca!