Saturday, November 6, 2010

The National Zoo

London had Monday and Tuesday of this week off for teacher work days. Tuesday, we went to the zoo with our friends.

The Lion was out, and roaring up a storm. I have to say it was impressive. Everyone, even the kids were silent, and the sound echoed in your chest. If there hadn't been a lot of water and high walls between him and me, I would have been running for my life.

Can you tell how excited the boys were? Actually, they were crazy excited most of the time, but the tiger was sleeping, so I guess they got the crazy urge to sleep, too.

They thought the stone bear was the bomb. Lots of screaming to get them off. Fun times!

One really cool feature of the zoo is the monkey house. They have two separate locations that are connected by these tall towers and ropes. Basically the monkeys swing/climb across them right above you (hopefully they don't poop up there, right?)

Khyah was cute as a button, and everyone kept oohing over her coat, wanting to know where we'd gotten it. How cool did I feel to say, "My sister brought it back from France." (Thanks Kim!)

My camera stinks, so this is the best I could do of the panda. The bear was eating while we were there which was very fun.

In short, we had a fun time. We got to see lots of unusual animals: pandas, armadillos (which are surprisingly cool!), hedgehogs, and an octopus. We definitely need to go back. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


October 31st was pretty laid back for us. We carved some pumpkins (at least, the kids and I since Rick had to work).

Brandt dressed up in the Jedi costume, and London chose to stay low-key, but they both enjoyed the candy.

London was a wonderful candy giver. He waited by the door with the bucket and kept watch for the next trick-or-treaters. I had to remind him to let them say "trick-or-treat!"

For joyschool, Brandt dressed up as Batman, and Khyah was little red riding hood.

And wow, I don't have one of London in his costume. I'll have to add a post just for that.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fat Lip!

Today, Brandt slipped on the tile on landed smack on his face. Poor kid.