Thursday, June 16, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, London played his last soccer game of the season. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures during the game as I was too busy shouting, "You're on the same team!"

But I did take a couple afterwards.

Can you tell how stoked they are about the game?

And London was very proud to have "won" a trophy. All the rest of the day (and maybe the next couple after that), he was telling everyone we met that he now had TWO trophies and TWO medals for playing soccer.

And here they are again, showing off their cool trophies.

Though his team may not have "won" a ton of games (they encourage them not to keep score), London had a lot of fun and has already told us that he wants to be signed up next year . . . as long as he gets new cleats. :)

Aren't we the proud soccer parents?

(After all, I did wile my way into Rick's heart by showing off my soccer legs . . . though hmmm . . . perhaps we should just feel lucky they don't play co-ed at this age).